Tynell counterweights.

Let me cover today the counterweights found on Tynell (Taito/Idman) lamps.

Notice that you have 2 sorts of counterweight,
– the ones attached to the metallic wire, and has no pulley on it
– the ones attached to the electric wire, and has a pulley on it.


Each one of them requires a different ceiling cup.

9304_1334349282_3 DSA_6731_l

Browsing the catalogs, you’ll find those “legitimate” counterweights:

Counterweight for electrical wire
– Tapered
– Cylindrical

1279920_l indexPaavo_Tynell_Penadantlamp_foto1_lPicture6

Counterweight for metallic wire
– Water drop
– Rough bean / tapered
– Center Bullet
– Center ball
– Side ball

1704932_l Picture7

Picture13 Picture5

IMG_5731_copy_l Picture11

Picture3 Picture12

fbfbc7a9a5af7c749fda242d6d2335b5 Picture14

Few hints to avoid fakes:
– There is always a link between the weight and the wire (full brass link or brass wire link)
– A small brass ball on the metallic wire that limits the course.

DSC_9954_l Paavo_Tynell_Pendant_lamp_foto5_l

If you look at the cylindrical electrical wire weight, it can be confused with a wall clock weight, so be careful that the edges are well rounded and that there is the link between the weight and the wire.


We also find this weight, but it is a rare lamp. the only documentation I have is that it appears on the group photo below .


Thank you for reading.


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