Trying to be creative

This is a small post about weirdness and hunting for information.

Being able to identify lamps means being able to find clues, eliminate assumptions and come to the root of things.

This lamp has been for sale on a Scandinavian online auction site. It was advertised as a mix of Lisa Johanson-Pape (LJP) and Tynell (why would someone do that btw?)

This is my read on it.

The Brass top is a well recognizable LJP Orno lamp.
Main feature is the bent wire welded around it. The flat opal glass was removed (or lost or broken)

Stuck to the bottom of it, is a standard aluminum ceiling lamp (surface mounted) lamp. It looks quite recent to me but the slots around, add a little “I don’t know what” to it.
Still the “brass” is too clean and homogenous compare to the LJP brass.
Something like that:

1249467911-21547100 photo

Then, comes this Tynell inspired flower on the wire.
You find this feature on few Idman lamps designed by Paavo Tynell.
I can only think it is a reproduction. If I had a spare part like this, I would not stick it, just like that, to a collage lamp.

Picture9 Picture2

Picture10 Picture4

The lamp made around 800eur + auction fees, and I think this is a lot for it.
LJP goes for 300-400eur
The bottom part has no value on its own, maybe 100 eur if complete
The Idman flower, if original, could bring 100-200 eur maybe. Hard to sell anyway as I can’t imagine having many people looking for this particular spare.

The final lamp has some decorative value but no collection value as none of the lamps it is made of are complete.

Thks for reading.

Oh… and look at this funky original Tynell flower… unique:


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