The colors of Vintage

At an attempt to describe what “Vintage” means, I will take the more colorful road.

20130807-103056.jpgI will not enter a long debate on what vintage means but I will put 2 things on the table.

1- My Vintage is from around 1970, maybe 1960, but definitively NOT from 1980’s.

2- My Vintage is colorful, happy-happy orange, yellow, red… but also brown and green.



Those colors are difficult to find nowadays as paint. Spray cans will not have these colors. This is why, finding an original vintage color is valuable and rare.

Here is a lamp I tried to repaint vintage style.
The brown shade is the original brown.
The orange foot is repainted: as you can see, I didn’t manage to achieve vintage orange.

This is how I would describe My Vintage.
Happy Thrifting everyone.

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