Stavanger, Norwegian beauty.

For once, we have decided to go on holidays by car.
That means almost no restriction in space when it comes to bring stuff (that means lamps 😉 ) home.
The trip will take us from Finland to Norway, going through a bit of Germany and a bit more of Denmark.

Denmark being the Mecca for designer lamps, I have high expectations to meet an old Louis Poulsen, Pouls or Simon Henningsen, Mantz…etc. on a thriftbreak.

Denmark is planned for the return leg and, for the moment, we are enjoying beautiful Stavanger (Norway), its Fjords and fisherman villages.

I am keeping an eye or 2 opened for loppis, antikk stores or week-end markets. No luck so far, but this country reminds me 4 things.

Dancing in Norway is not difficult.

While visiting Norway, you shouldn’t be scared of hight.
20130726-173608.jpg  20130726-173808.jpg

If Norwegian can fabricate their own lamps, so can we.
20130726-173908.jpg  20130726-174014.jpg


The only lamp manufacturer from Norway I know is Høvik Lys, the lamps I’ve had and seen look mote like hotel lamps.


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