Play with Light and Shadow.

I have a background in mechanical engineering, I spent more than half of my professional life in factories, in France, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, UK, Thailand and China.

During those years, I saw beautiful things coming out of the heart of machines, tamping tools of a press or simply from a trash bin.
I stated to collect few (beautiful) pieces, and branded them “Factory Art, by Le_clyde”

More recently, when I came to Finland, I transitioned to the IT industry and started to work in offices. I kept this curious eye toward beautiful “Factory Art”.
The Aarikka Factory shop in Helsinki gave me few ideas.

In that particular shop, they sell what is called skeletons:
In order to do their wooden key rings and other wooden accessories, Aarikka stamps out shapes from a 80cm x 80cm, 2mm thick piece of wood.
Once the pieces are stamped away from it, it leaves a 80×80 piece of wood, full of holes, like Gruyère cheese.
This is called a skeleton.
The shop is selling those, and I buy them. Some of them still have the Aarikka logo on them, how cool is that?

In order to do a “Factory Art” piece, I need to modify them slightly: rigidify and paint them.
The end result is a cool piece of wall art that creates shadows as the light goes around.


Natural light gives life as the day goes by.
A beautiful industrial lamp complete the look and create depth by adding shadows.

photo 2

photo 3

photo 1

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