PeFeGe, industrial lamps from Sweden

I like writing about industrial lamps. Definitively my favorite style of lamps.

Sewing machine lamps, factory lamps used to light drilling column or inside pressed. Sturdy and made to receive grease, hits and move frequently.
They will end up in clean interiors, very trendy, repainted or not, a real key feature of a living place.

Sweden has a great brand called PeFeGe.
The same way Jieldé mean JLD (Jean-Louis Domeck), I assume PeFeGe mean PFG.
photo 1
photo 2 (1)

Those lamps will not have proper fixing to go on a table as they are usually bolted to a industrial machine.

I like the bent arm that adds something very unique to that lamp:
photo 4

And here are a couple more models:

Read more about Jielde and Tarteka industrial lamps:

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