Paavo Tynell 9459 sconce.

A popular lamp at the moment is this sconce designed by Paavo Tynell.
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It was designed for Taito before 1953 and the production continued with Idman after 1953 (when Idman bought Taito Oy) under the reference 9459.
This lamp could be found for 350-500€ quite easily even 1 year ago, but then this happened:
$12.000 for a pair. The pair is full brass which will explain some of the premium price, but… come on.
A clever Finn sent those to auction in USA and the prices got, just too high.
As a lot of US stores buy directly from Finland, Finnish sellers got their prices up and now a pair of full brass is above 3.000€ and painted above 2.000€ in Finland.

Here is what to look for if you have a lamp like that on.
photo (13)photo 5 (35)
Taito stamp means pre-1953. The stamp is on the top of the shade. It says Taito, not Oy Taito Ab, and is made with 5 letter stamps, one by one (the letters are hardly aligned)

If there is a hole in the center of the top of the shade, an electric switch should be there. The original switch is phosphorescent.

Idman stamp is on the side of the bracket holding the shade. Idman means after 1953.


tynell catphoto 2 (50)
If you look at the Idman catalog, the 9459 presented has a shade covered by fabric. In order to sew the fabric on the shade, holes have been made all around, at the top and bottom of the shade.

If painted, look for sturdy steel or light aluminum. Steel are older than aluminum.


photo 4 (42)photo 3 (45)
The bracket holding the lamp on the wall has a “?” shape. I think that lots of brackets have been lost, as they are not attached to the lamp, and have been replaced by a more simple-to-do brackets.
Full brass Tynell lamps are always more valuable, which is interesting as brass is not a rare or noble metal. Tynell used brass after the 2nd World War as it was the only metal widely available. The reality is that is you make a manufacturing mistakes on a brass piece, you cannot correct it thus spoilage is high, which explains the high cost of production and value.

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