ORNO, key dates and referencing guidelines

ORNO is an emblematic lamp manufacturer from Finland.

Wikipedia and other blog posts will tell you all about ORNO or Stockmann-ORNO so I won’t make a repeat here.

As ofter, findings about a lamp can be found in details.
I mentioned the importance of the logo in a previous post, today, I will look at the reference number.

We will take this 971-007 lamp as an example:

Lets see how a reference number has evolved with the company:

– 1921: ORNO was created
– 1936. Stockmann buys ORNO (Stockmann-ORNO)
– 1939-40, ref is 1007
– 1960, ref becomes 61-007
– 1976, ref becomes 961-007
– 1985: Sweedish Asea buys ORNO
– 1986-87, ref becomes 5570
– 1987: English Thorn EMI buys ORNO (Thorn-ORNO)
– 2001 ORNO closes down
– Today, ORNO licences are held by Keraplast and Innojok

That should give us few data points to help us identifying our ORNO picks.

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