Lazy designer or the 70’s recession?

A new house needs news lamps… good for me. While hoping from flea markets to kirppis in Helsinki, I bough this interesting lamp.

In my head, there was no doubts, Designed by Yki Nummi in the 60’s around the same time as the famous Kuplat.

To re-enforce my certainty, a little rectangular mark of glue on the outer bubble is the  testimony of the standard sticker
“designed by Yki Nummi for Sanka Oy” (or for Orno Oy).

Just to make sure, I asked around and researched, and finally found this:
Designed by Heikki Turunen in the 70’s

So what happened there?

Yki Nummi designed the Kuplat in 1959 (The name Kuplat means bubbles in Finnish). That lamp was, and still is, a design classic.
Diameter 40 and 48 cm

Is this what happened:
In the 70’s Heikki Turunen’s boss came a morning to his office and said:
“Come on Heikki, stop lazing around, get your ass off this chair and get me a lamp by end of the day” We need sales!
Heikki: ” Pff…” rolling his eyes.
Heikki, getting down in the basement, spotted a dusty wooden crate with a sticker “injection molds – Don’t touch – Design Classic by Yki Nummi”

Right, though Heiiki, let me take that, I’ll put a couple of those parts upside-down “et voilà”! I am done, I can go back to my chair and chat with Lisa Johansson-Pape on Skype.
I’ll call this one ORNO 964-597

Is it really what happened? lazy designer, or rather the recession in the 70’s forcing designers to re-use old plastic molds?
Look, both Nummi’s and Turunen’s are 40cm diameter, have 3 very similar plastic parts and are from the same manufacturer.

Then again, why is the 2nd Kuplat model 48cm diameter while Turunen’s second model is 55cm…
Humm…. who knows.


lampkuplat1_l v062_0119.tif


Last Moment addition, talking about recycling.

What about this ORNO lamp, made from the punched metal from the ORNO Ping Pong (61-180)

orno10    10686890_10152469823003230_6014874572698848625_n


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