It’s only a lamp!

Selling Online is a game of marketing.

SELLING: vintage lamp, no Jielde, Gras, Eames, Vitra!”

Is it a Jielde´? NO

Is it a Gras? NO

Is it Eames? Nahhh, not even a lamp.

Or maybe vitra? NO

Or…is it just a lamp, just an amazing lamp.

This is how you do it online, how you attract people to your item, using “targeted” keywords.

I usually use similar tricks but I use ”reference”. Lately, I used “Reference Eileen Gray tube lamp”
Do you know Eileen Gray, do you know her tube lamp?
If anything else, you have learn something today, and maybe you will buy a lamp that ”is in the same style of” what you just saw.

And don’t you get offended if you think this marketing game is not right… It’s only a lamp!

What about this amazing lamp that someone found in Finland.
photo 2 (38)

It really looks like the famous Tapio Wirkkala K11 produced by Idman.

Look closer, look at the shade, he holes in the shade, the size of the counterweight ball and how the wire comes out by the ball.
Is it a prototype, a knock off or…is it just a lamp?

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