Jielde mon amour. Tateka my lover.

With the rise of Loft Deco trend, industrial lamps are very much in the hype nowadays.

You probably know the Jielde lamp.

Jielde is in fact Jieldé = Ji – eL – Dé = JLD in French
JDL = Jean-Louis Domecq, a French Engineer from the 50’s, living in Lyon, France

The particularity of his lamps is that it holds no wire inside, the electricity is conducted through structural connections.
Also, as the arm is made of modules, you can just add as many modules as you want and not worry about the wires.
Jielde is quite well recognized in Finland and any import (old or new) will sell nicely.

Let’s look at Finland, the Finnish Jieldé is called TATEKA.
Sturdy, round, lofty and industrial looking lamps.
Great for alternative interiors and DIY rooms.
The Tateka lamps is easily recognizable by its big switch button, you can’t miss it.
photo 2

Tataka hasn’t gone through the road of interior decoration production like Jielde is doing… but maybe one day.
Note how the diameter of the “modern deco” lamp is smaller than the “original industrial” lamp. Take a great design, have it become trendy, then adapt it to make an international hit.
Simply clever, vive la France!

And for those who are into those lamps, please discover the lamp “Gras”, maybe less known outside France.

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