I like it simple too.

I love visiting shops that look like museums.

The item are beautiful, rare, in good shape, at the “right price”.
The set up is amazing: old building, warehouse, apartment. I just love it… but I don’t necessarily get excited. My desire to buy stops where it’s all found in one place, where the price is right.

I am watching this TV series called American Pickers and I am always surprised that they buy so little when they have in front of them so much amazing stuffs. I thing they might feel the same as me, there is less desire where all is in front of you. Hunting is part of the fun.


In Helsinki, you have few old-timers with amazing shops, here is one.
I cannot start to imaging the value of the stock, the time necessary to pile up all those amazing lamps.

Don’t get me wrong, finding, buying and owing even one of those always gives me a kick. Not to mention having in my possession 2 or the whole lot.. I would be happy…but … in the meantime… simple lamps bring me joy too.

If I had to wait for the big ka-shing to feel pleasure, I am not sure this hobby will be good for me.

So, here is a little, little, lamp that brought me joy while visiting my parent’s attic.
Nothing special, almost no value, but brought a nice smile on my face.

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