From common to rare lamps.

One thing leading to another, discovering lamps is a path paved with excitement.

This mushroom lamp is a nice little lamp made by Valinte, a Finnish lamp manufacturer.
Quite common, it was made in the 70’s and beyond, and is quite easy to find at a reasonable price.

Few month ago, I got very excited when I found The mother of the Valinte lamp. The Orno version (stamped “St” for Stockmann-Orno), which I found in the 1951 Orno catalog.

Quite recently (in fact this morning at the flea market 🙂 ) I found the Grand Mother of the Valinte lampe, the Mother of the Orno lamp… the Idman version of this mushroom lamp: idman 

In order of prestige we have Valinte -> Orno -> Idman.
If we add the Aris and the HKA (Helsingin kaasuvalo oy:n) wannabes below, we would have Aris -> HKA -> Valinte -> Orno -> Idman.
photo 4  HKA

What will come next? will I ever find a Taito, a Valaisinpaja version?
… Stay tuned.

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