Finnish online auction… How to.

If you like or for the wide range of items there are, you might like this post.
With the boom of interest for lamps, scandinavian design, Danish Modern and mid-century design, it is sometime better to buy directly from the country of origin.

In Finland, even though Ebay and Etsy are represented, the majority of casual sales are done on an local online auction site:

You can also browse other Finnish online auctions, but I would say is the most casual of them and has a good sense of fair thrifting.

There is a good stream of Alvar Aalto, Artek, Paavo Tynell, Idman and Taito Oy, Tapio Wirkkala, Louis Poulsen, Poul Henningsen, Lisa Johansson-Pape, Heikki Turunen, but also all vintage brands like Aris, Valinte, Luxo, Orno…etc.

I am personally buying and selling there, enjoying more than 130 positive reviews.

As you need an account to either sell or buy, don’t hesitate to contact me if you need a bid to be placed or need to sell something.
I will also help you identifying your lamps if you need.
Use my Facebook page to communicate.

In order to help your online thrifting, I am providing below few translated keywords:

Go to

All lamps are in “valaisimet
All design before 1990 are here
All design after 1990 are here

Click “halvimmat” to sort from cheap to expensive.
Click “huutajat” to sort by number of bidders.

Keywords are entered in “Hae” = find

OLD: vanha wanha
DECADE: 1970 70 70’s luvulta luvun
LAMP: lamppu (common) or valaisin (high end) or valo (light)
CEILING LAMP: katto (ceiling), kattolamppu kattovalo kattovalaisin
PENDANT LAMP: riippu (pendant) riippuvalaisin riippuvalo riippulamppu
FLOOR LAMP: lattia (parquet) lamppu lattia valaisin lattia valo
FLOOR LAMP: jalka (on a leg) jalkalamppu jalkavalaisin jalkavalo
FACTORY LAMP: tehdäs (factory) tehdäslamppu tehdäsvalaisin tehdäsvalo
TABLE LAMP: pöytä (table) pöytälamppu pöytävalaisin pöytävalo
BALL LAMP: pallo (ball) pallolamppu pallovalaisin pallovalo
WORKSHOP LAMP: teollisuustyö teollisuustyövalaisin teollisuustyövalo teollisuustyölamppu
ARCHITECT LAMP: arkkitehti arkkitehtivalaisin arkkitehtivalo arkkitehtilamppu
WORK LAMP: työ työvalo työvalaisin Teollisuusvalo
INDUSTRIAL LAMP: Teollisuus Teollisuuslamppu Teollisuusvalaisin Teollisuusvalo
WALL LAMP: seinä seinälamppu seinävalo seinävalaisin
CLAMP LAMP: klipsi klipsilamppu klipsivalo klipsivalaisin
MUSHROOM LAMP: sieni sienilamppu sienivalo sienivalaisin
READING LAMP: luku lukulamppu lukuvalaisin lukuvalo
NIGHT LAMP: yö yölamppu yövalo yövalaisin
SPOT: spotti
KITCHEN LAMP: keittiö keittiölamppu keittiövalo keittiövalaisin
SHELF LAMP: hylly hyllylamppu hyllyvalo hyllyvalaisin
CHRISTAL OR CHANDELIER: kristalli kristallivalaisin kristallilamppu kristallivalo
CROWN LAMP: kristallikruunu kristallikruunut
RETRO LAMP: retro retrolamppu retrovalaisin retrovalo
DESIGN LAMP: design designvalaisin designlamppu designvalo

Happy online thrifting.

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