Finnish lamp manufacturers, tell me more.

Through this blog, I am trying to gather information about Scandinavian lamps, some of these information are hard to find or simply scattered across the web.

As this blog post is informative…but, let’s be honest, quite boring, here are a couple of  nice lamps to spice up this post.


Tynell from Arabia museum


Tynell, in a shop


Here is what I know about the meaning of Vintage Finnish lamp manufacturer names:

Itsu means Itä-Suomen Sähkö Oy (eng. Eastern Finland Electricity)
Aris was before Arisuo Oy (Toivo Arisuo founded Arisuo Oy in 1947)
VA-MÄ means Valaisin-Mäkelä Oy
Valinte comes from Valaisin (lamp) + Lintero (Valinte was founded in 1959 by Into Lintero)
Sario comes from S. Sario & Kumppanit (S. Sario & partners)
HKA means Helsingin kaasuvalo oy:n (gaz lamp from Helsinki)
Idman comes from his founder, Karl Hjalmar Idman, who was born on 11 December 1872 in Helsinki
Taito means skills
ORNO comes from Taidetakomo Orno
SLO comes from Sähköliikkeiden Oy (electrical shops)
LSE is Oy Lindströmin Sähkö Lindströms Elektriska Ab (Harald Lindström founded the company in 1945)
PR is Presenta Oy then became preluce Oy



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