Finn Juhl… or not!

Finn Juhl (1912 – 1989) was a Danish architect, interior and industrial designer, most known for his furniture design.

Well of course he did some lamps too. Not a lot but managed to complete a full series, quite iconic.

The design is clever: simple, some would say “funkis”, with gaps allowing nice light spreads and with adjustable shade (ala Arco floor lamp from Castiglioni).

If you have one, call me 🙂

20130730-134918.jpg 20130730-134935.jpg

I have a pair of Finn Juhl style lamps.
Of course they are not from him, but still beautiful in their simplicity.
I never found who did them, that’s a pity.
A perfect match for a loft or modern setting.

Check it out.

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