Fagerhult, made in Sweden

Fagerhult is is lamp manufacturer from Sweden.

The vintage Fagerhult lamps are nice, colorful, plastic, pretty cool looking lamps.

While driving from Malmö to Stockholm, I drove through Fagerhult village. By the time I told my girlfriend about the Fagerhult lamps, we saw the lamp factory right there, on the side of the road.

Emma told me to stop as maybe they would have a show room or a museum.
We stopped, came to the reception, introduced myself as a Fagerhult enthusiast and asked. It was only factory and offices. I nevertheless managed to get a catalogue… We’ll see what is in it.
I was happy. Travel and hobby coming together.

Few km further, we stopped in a Loppis (flea market).
An old artist mainly selling his paintings but also collecting everything and selling a little bit.


Right in the middle of the loppis table, a smalll, colorful, happy-happy Fagerhult lamp. Very meaningful to me.

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