I broke it!

This lamp is coming from a hotel in Savonlinna – Finland.

About the lamp:
Designer:Yki Nummi, table lamp, reference 40-028
The “9” in 940-028 compare to 40-028 means it comes after Stockmann bought ORNO
(this is not 100% sure info but I am pretty sure about it)
This particular lamp comes before the acquisition of Orno as its reference doesn’t have the “9”.
The photo on muistaja.fi was taken 1977, so we need to find the design year now (previous to 1977)
This lamp, is featured in the ORNO catalog 1964, page 93.
So the design was done before 1964… can you tell me more?

Don’t break the lamp!!
because the shade is made of acrylic, it melts with the heat of the bulb. Modern ABS melts at a far higher temperature…more on that later.
So the top whole shrinks with heat, it is part of the story of the lamp -> I love it!
But in this case, the melting made the shade to sit tilted on the lamp, so I decided to take action… first with a lighter, then with a crème brulée torch…thinking Don’t break the lamp, don’t break it….
Impatient, I forced, it broke!!!


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