Décembre, made in Finland.

A nice lamp brand From Finland is Décembre.

The company was founded in 1970 by Mrs. Armi Ratia (also known for being the founder of the Finnish textile and clothing company Marimekko Oy)
The head of design was his son Risto Matti Ratia.

“December” became “La révolution illimitée de décembre“ then “Décembre Oy“
Note December -> Décembre

Taisto Kuha designed in 1973, for December, those nice vintage lamps manufactured by Salosvalo Oy
The key feature, allowing to recognize them, is the top U-shaped top bracket, allowing the shade swing.

Other form factors can be found:

December also designed few plastic items manufactured by Karhumuovi:

Décembre Oy merged with Marimekko in 1983.

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