Danish Modern or something like that.

I am not sure how to describe those nice little home ware that are made of black bend and welded wire.

If I say Danish Modern, I will be told off by some purist, if I say Raven Ware (design by Richard Galef) I am pretty sure I am wrong.

I love the style and the mechanical aspect of it.

Recently, showing this basket to a mid-century specialist,

I got this comment:
“In the style of” Helen Pope (MOMA Good Design Show 1952). Made any time since the late 50’s. Possibly Danish manufacture.
And also:
Judging by the gauge of wire and the use of electronic welding I might guess late 60’s/early 70’s

I found fascinating that a weld could define a design decade.

I since found more items of the same style:

And of course, I found some lamps.
Lamp feet, to be exact, as the shades have gone. I can imagine the shades were made out of paper and got damaged quickly.



Expect some kind of renovation and complete lamps soon.

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