Copenhagen, Tivoli, Poul and his son Simon.

I am going to try to recap what is the deal about the Danish Tivoli lamps.

– Tivoli is an amusement park situated in Copenhagen, Denmark.
– Its construction started in 1843
– Poul Henningsen was the architect of the park from 1941.
– Poul Henningsen designed the reconstructed Glass Hall in the Tivoli park.

photo 1

– In 1949, Poul Henningsen designed the “Tivoli” lamps for the Tivoli park.
– The lamp (ref# 3604411) was manufactured by Louis Poulsen.

Look at the video on the picture, you will see that the lamp is actually turning.

– Louis Henningsen had a son: Simon Hennigsen. – In 1962, Simon Hennigsen designed a lamp for the restaurant, Divan 2, situated inside the Tivoli park. – The lamp is manufactured by Lyfa. – The lamp is called “Tivoli” or “Divan 2”      



Today, Divan 2 is called “Nimb terrasse”.

photo 5


Here are more lamps you can find in the Tivoli park (Poulsen #02-00252 and 2 unknown)

photo 3 photo 4 photo 2

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