A comme Amour.

I am sure you have seen them in Deco mags from your country, trendy, sexy, beautiful and original…
The luminous letters.
photo 3 (29)
Relatively easy to buy, they will cost you between 50 and 150€.

Here is how you can have letters like his for 1 euro.

Walk in the street…
photo 3 (28)

Spot the office building under renovations
photo 4 (27)

Look around and spot the trash bin.
photo (2)
Look inside but also on the side. Sometime, the trashes are selected and the metal is put on the side of the bin for recylcing.

Be LUCKY and see some letter (not too big, not broken, not ugly, with a nice color)

Comes the fun part where speaking Polish, Estonian or Russian might come handy. Well if you don’t, gather your best Finnish, French or English and ask nicely if you can get 1 or more letters from the bin.
They will ask you why, and what you will do with them. Go and explain in Estonian that luminous letters are cool and will give your living room an ambiance that will make your partner want to do stuff you cannot even explain in your own language.

Collect what you managed to get, bring it home and start cleaning (the letters, not your home).

Inside the letter you can find:
– a neon, you are unlucky, It will be very difficult to create the necessary wiring to get this on.
– few small LED – Lucky you
photo 1 (31)
look at the reference of the LED and get from internet:
– The voltage, here it is 12V
– the Amperage: here 50mA

if you have 5 LED inside your letter, multiply 50mA by 5 = 250mA
You need to find a power source: 12VDC, able to deliver more than 250mA.

Take your 1 euro coin, go to your recycling center and buy a mobile phone or electronic equipment power source.
Modems, ADSL, LED lamps run on 12V so it is relatively easy to find as a 2nd hand spare part (Why not 2nd Cycle after all?)

Connect the power source to the Letter (+ on + and – on -, if you don’t know, try, don’t be scared, 12V will not harm you).

Et Voilà.
photo 2 (31)

Attention, sexy light might bring the sexy back…yeah!

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