Colorful shades, happy lamps.

Let’s look at a lamp made by Lisa Johansson-Pape, for ORNO in 1960.
Reference 91-017

If you look the original 1964 ORNO catalog, you will find it wearing a colorful shade.
ljp original

Today if is very difficult to find the original shade for 2 reasons:
1 – the 70’s style went out of fashion and the shades have been replaced
2 – lets face it, even today, it is quite difficult to have such a center piece in you home.

This is how you see it today, dressed with linen or wild silk.
photo 1 (16)

In an attempt to look vintage and original, some go the extra mile and praise Mardi-Gras.
photo 1
But hey, it looks like the real deal but it is not.

It is time to raid your grand mother attic and hunt for the forgotten shade.
Well, I did find an “interesting” piece lately.
A little Aris, desk lamp ref 171, with the 1970’s look.
photo (4)

Quite different from the alternative metal mushroom hat.

The 70’s are back, are YOU ready for it?



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