Christian Dell made my wedding cake

Christian Dell (1893 – 1974) is a German designer very well associated with the 1930 Bauhaus style.

You have for sure seen one of his lamps stanped idell (or sometimes jdell), like this #6631 luxus table lamp.

I got married last night, there was friends, family, music, drinks, food… and dessert.
Wedding cake, tasted and approved days before.

When my wife asked me, when the cake arrived to the table, if I liked the cake… I casually answered “yes darling”, thinking “yes I like it, we chose it together!”
2 minutes later, same question… same answer… humm, this cake is going to be sooo good.

Few minutes later I over-heard the 2 words “chocolate” (hummm) and “lamp” (hoooo).

So I looked closely.

Oh My God!! A KAISER idell scissor lamp

My (clever) daughter had told my (beautiful) mother that she noticed the accordion lamp made of chocolate.

I went back to my wife and asked her if she was behind this. It was so thoughtful of her and was sorry, and ashamed, that I hadn’t noticed the lamps before.

Pointing at the cake, I noticed…
Oh my god! The light is on!
There is a flash of light under the lamp.

I love you Emma, for this and for everything else.
I love you Christian Dell, for making my wedding cake.

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