Carl Thore did not design lamps for Fog & Mørup

Let me say it straight, Carl Thore did NOT design lamps for Fog & Mørup

Fog and Mørup is an iconic Danish lamp manufacturer:
– Ansgar Fog and E Mørup met in 1902 in Denmark.
– In 1906 Fog & Mørup began to specialize in lighting
– In the 60’s Fog & Mørup became a significant player in the lamp manufacturing business.

The most recognized of Fog & Morup’s light today is the iconic Semi, designed by Bonderup and Thorup in 1967 while they were still students.
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Sigurd Lindkvist, was born in 1916 in Sweden under the full name of Sigurd, Carl, Thore Lindkvist.
He worked first at the Lightning firm Luko, and then, in 1961, joined Granhaga Metallindustri, for whom he designed lights and was also head of sales, remaining with the company until he retired in 1981.
As a head of sales, he presented lamps to clients and introduced them as designed by Carl Thore, not wanting to tell them he was the designer himself.
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The most recognizable Carl Thore Design is the Trava (meaning stack in English).
Mainly sold in Sweden, it also exported in Denmark, UK, South Africa and Netherlands.
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Conclusion: Design Carl Thore = manufactured by Granhaga Metallindustri (Sweden)

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