Bring me your tired, your poor, your broken lamp.

I have to admit that a broken lamp is quite attractive to me.
Of course, finding a rare or a beautiful lamp thrifting a remote place is a real kick, but, all in all, finding a broken lamp in a bin is even better.

Few happy feelings come to me:
– recognizing something within trash.
– saving an interesting piece of design.
– perspective of few hours of mechanical engineering ahead.
– instant satisfaction once done.

Few month ago, I participated to an auction selling item featured in TV shows.
Anything went, from coffins to tables, from wall paper to boxes of broken lamps.

The auction went fast, few high end lamp went above 1000€, and here came my cases of broken lamps.
It is quite difficult to find broken lamps outside trash bins as there is a sense of responsibility from the seller.. What if he gets electrocuted!!

The auction of those broken lamp boxes when great, I kept my hand high and proud making sure I would have the last word. I became, for an instant, the center of attention and people thought I was a rich buyer.
110€, this is what I paid for this very rewarding experience.. AND…for 2 boxes of broken lamps.

Around 15 lamps. All needing attention, all with a specific story.
Missing parts, painting, broken or bent parts, poor restoration needing accurate restoration, fact finding about each lamp… I was a lot of fun taking care of each one of them.

My 1st lamp to restore was the famous Dell lamp. That was the 1st one of a long series, now all restored… and sold.

20130723-103123.jpg  20130723-103154.jpg


Before I sell any lamp, I document anything I can find out about each lamp and update a database I am building.
I should put this database online soon.
Each lamp I sell has a story, wounds to talk about, beauty to be proud of, emotion to brighten up someone’s home.

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