Bakelite lamp, when Germany meets Sweden

I like to put a sorry on an object.

When it comes to lamps, I usually ask the seller a story before I buy a lamp.
In fact a lot of the work I do when identifying unknown lamps, is to re-create a story, and that, on its own, adds value to them.

Few years ago, My wife came back from Tallinn, Estonia, with a Bakelite lamp quite bitten up.
After restoration, it made a pretty nice bed side table.

Few weeks later, while visiting the “Puces de St Ouen” (St Ouen, Paris, Flea market) I saw a pair of exact same lamps.
When chatting with the seller, I asked for their story and he told me they were done by the famous Christian Dell for the Russian KGB.
I though the story very much far fetched but I smiled and took it on, after all, my lamp had a Russian logo underneath the base:
The marking says: Karbolit Factory, Orekhovo-Zuyevo (a town 50km east of Moscow, Russia)

I can Imagine the KGB using the lamp in an interrogation: ” We have the power to make you talk!!”

The original switch is a up/down switch, which I think is adding even more drama to the whole KGB story:

The official story of this lamp is that it was designed in 1930 by Christian Dell for Heinrich Römmler AG, Spremberg, Germany.
Heinrich Römmler merged with the Swedish ASEA company in 1988 to form ABB (every lamp story leads to scandinavia).

The Russian model might be a licensed product, a copy or simply a transfer of production.

Few beautiful details:
photo 1 (20)


And… if you are still wondering who is Christian Dell, here is one of his famous model:

Read more about how Christian Dell made my wedding cake here:




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