A bit more about melting.

I told you about the acrylic shades of the Yki Nummi lamp that melted with the heat coming from the bulb.

Some acrylic plastic have a melting temperature as low as 35degC.
You can imagine why those old lamps have plastic damage.
Plastics can behave in 2 ways under the heat:
– some retract/shrink (thermoretractable)
– some melt and become soft (thermoplastic)

Little advise: if you have an old plastic lamp, use a led or low energy bulb, they dissipate far less heat.

Now, today, lamps can be made of ABS or other better performing plastics.
ABS has a melting point of 105degC.
When I was quality manager in a factory in China, to test if the ABS was of proper quality, we put manufactured items in an oven set at 100degC.

Here is the result of a stove that did not pass quality test:


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