2-in-1, ask more from your lamp.

It is intriguing to witness the law of series when thrifting:
Buy an amazing chair you’ve never seen before… and find a second one, somewhere else, 2 weeks later.
Spend a minute inspecting a cool lamp in a shop, and find the second one, few days later, that makes the perfect pair…etc.

My dear and best friends Matthieu and Isabelle are successful architect and interior designer in Paris, France.

When visiting them this summer, I noticed a cool looking mirror in their flat.
Visiting them is always an happening in itself as 1-they have great taste 2-they consume a lot of deco (as they say :))
Isabelle is the interior designer and explained how she got this mirror, thrifting online from and old lady.
The twist of the story is that, this mirror is also…a lamp.
Tilt the mirror and it will activate the lamp hidden behind.
2-in-1, ask more from your mirror!

Here is a photo taken from the Finnish magazine DEKO, where they were featured in August 2013.
See the mirror on the left of the chest.

When visiting Bergen, Norway, this summer, I found the daughter of this mirror.
Tiny-little-vintage-orange-version of the mirror.
Allibert, Belgium manufacturer.

The law of series stroke again, MuuuahahahhH…

I wouldn’t be surprised I’d buy some of those soon, stay tuned, follow me on Facebook.

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