10 things you should know about my lamp database.

After 3 years of talking about it, I finally launch my online lamp database.

Here are 10 things you should know about it.

1- It focuses on Scandinavian lamps, giving a big priority to Finnish lamps.
2- Use the filters on the left to filter country, designer, manufacturer, year/decade, type, material.
3- Use the free search box to look for specific: “aalto 1929” will show you all the Alvar Aalto lamps designed in 1929.
4- In the “Type” filter, you will find “Wall lamps”, “Floor lamps”…etc. but you will also find “Logo” where you can search for logos.
5- Below each photos, you will find an info-box field with information I gathered about each lamp.
6- If a result is shown as an hyperlink, you can click on it to get similar results: clicking on Finland will show you all lamps made in Finland.
7- The 1st goal of this database it to gather in one place information about Scandinavian vintage lamps.
8- The 2nd goal of this database it to identify lamps you have or you find. The site has been optimised to work on smartphone, so you can use it when thrifting.
9- The database is a work in progress, so you might find duplicates and few inaccuracies.
10- Have any question or comment: email me at cyril@whynot2ndcycle.com.

Go visit it now.



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